At Taverna Greka, we've made it our goal to create
a menu that offers the best quality and freshest
ingredients at affordable prices.
So relax, enjoy your meal and thank you for dining with us.
~Eleni, Koula & Lena


 Prawn Souvlaki
Roast Lamb

Tender pieces of boneless lamb slow roasted in the oven in our traditional   Greek sauce - this melt-in-your-mouth dish is a favourite!

 Lamb Chops

(5) Tender chops grilled to perfection

 Rack of Lamb (not available)

A whole rack marinated in fresh herbs & grilled to perfection

 Greek-style Pork Ribs

A full rack of tender baby back ribs, grilled and lightly brushed with olive oil &   garlic, finished with a sprinkle of spices

 Original Grilled Chicken

Two breasts marinated in olive oil, garlic & lemon, grilled & lightly spiced

 Ribs & Chicken Breast Combo
Add ons:
         Prawn skewers

Greek meatballs baked in the oven & topped with tomato sauce & feta cheese


Zucchini, eggplant, potato & ground beef, topped with béchamel sauce

 Vegetarian Moussaka

Mixed veggies baked & topped with béchamel sauce


Fresh spinach with feta wrapped in crisp fillo pastry

 Dolmades - not available

(4)Spiced ground sirloin & rice rolled in grape leaves & topped with our house  lemon sauce


 All entrees are served with rice, roast potatoes and Greek salad, pita and tzatziki
Any substitutions for extra salad are subject to a $1.95 charge.



Bite-sized pieces of squid, deep fried to tender crispness

Fillet of Salmon

Wild pacific salmon fillet grilled

Garlic Butter Prawns

Sautéed in a light garlic butter & lightly seasoned

Prawn Souvlaki

Two skewers of tiger prawns grilled & lightly seasoned

Spinach Stuffed Sole

Lightly breaded, stuffed with cheese and spinach topped with a lemon sauce.

Spinach Stuffed Sole + Prawns



All entrees are served with rice, roast potatoes and Greek salad  Tzatziki or homous & pita
Any substitutions for extra salad are subject to a $1.95 charge.

Please note our rice is not gluten free.


 Greka Platter #1 (not available)

Chicken souvlaki, moussaka, four lamb chops & dolmades

 Greka Platter #2

Beef souvlaki, Greek-style chicken breast, moussaka & spanakopita

Souvlaki Platter

Beef souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, lamb souvlaki,  2-prawn skewers


All platters are served with rice, roast potatoes, Greek salad, tzatziki & pita bread.



Meat sauce

 Fettuccine (not available)

Meat sauce, Alfredo or garlic butter
Add chicken


All pasta served with garlic bread.  Add a side salad $3.00


Moussaka or Veg Moussaka
 Roast Potatoes
Beef or Lamb Skewer
 Lamb Chop (1)
 Kalamata Olives (15)
 Feta Cheese
Chicken Skewer
 Briam (n/a)
Pita or Garlic Bread
 Prawn Skewer (5)


 Pop (one refill)
 Juice, Ice Tea
 Coffee or Tea

Gratuity will be added to large reservation 15%-10+, 18%-24+, 20%-40+

Plus applicable taxes.