At its very best, Greek dining is a rich combination of ambience, experience and authentic cuisine. ~ Eleni


Fasolada - not available

Navy beans & vegetables in a light tomato soup

Avgolemono - not available

Orzo rice in a rich chicken stock finished with a bit of lemon & cream.

Faki - not available

Lentils & vegetables in a light tomato soup

All soups served with pita





Greek Salad
Village Salad (not available)

thinly sliced romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers,
onions, green peppers, feta cheese, kalamata olives, oregano
& our olive oil vinaigrette dressings

Caesar Salad - not available

Made with our own homemade dressing

Add a chicken breast   $6.00
 Add a prawn skewer  $7.50    

SPREADS - comes with two pita


Greek yogurt fresh garlic with cucumber slivers


Purée of chick peas, tahini, olive oil & spices


Red caviar blended with a touch of olive oil & spices

Feta Dip - not available

Feta cheese, roasted hot peppers blended with olive oil & herbs

 All spreads served with pita bread.



Tender pieces of squid lightly floured & fried, tzatziki and pita

Grilled Kalamari (not available)

whole kalamari grilled & lightly spiced, tzatziki and pita


Pan fried kefalotiri cheese served with a squeeze of lemon

ask about our gluten free option.

Spanakopita *

Fresh spinach & feta wrapped in fillo pastry, tzatziki

Tyropita * (not available)

Creamy feta cheese wrapped in fillo pastry

Soutzoukia - not available

Finger length meat balls baked & topped with feta & tomato sauce


(4) Ground sirloin & rice wrapped in grape leaves topped with lemon sauce

Chicken Livers - not available

Tender livers lightly floured & pan fried

Baked Briam - not available

An assortment of vegetables baked in tomato sauce.

Garlic Butter Prawns 

Pan fried tiger prawns in garlic butter


Sautéed mushrooms finished in a red wine flambé

Chicken Fingers *

Breaded fillets

Add home-cut fries

All appetizers except '*' items served with pita bread.


  Plus applicable taxes.